An ankle fracture can lead to significant loss of function and limit your ability to walk, run or participate fully in work and recreational activities. physical therapy after an ankle fracture can help you improve mobility and help you safely return to normal activity and function.Foot and ankle physical therapists provide a thorough and comprehensive approach to examination and treatment of the symptomatic foot/ankle by addressing non-weight-bearing and weight-bearing mechanical insufficiencies and the related progression of other orthopedic pathologies.Do ankle stretches before playing sports or exercising. Watch your step! Take your time when you walk on cracked sidewalks or uneven surfaces.. american physical therapy association.Make sure you rule out the back unless there is a clear mechanism of injury as the ankle can be a referred site of pain for both these areas. Immediate swelling and bruising usually indicates significant trauma and may require X-Ray to rule out fractures or an MRI to investigate integrity of the ligaments.Our previously used authors continue to share evidence-based techniques in orthopaedic physical therapy evaluation, assessment, and intervention. The fi rst monograph describes the multifaceted process of clinical reasoning and utilization of evidence-based practice physical therapy management.Physical therapy shares an important role in your treatment and recovery from an ankle fracture, for a return to normal activity. What is an Ankle Fracture? An ankle fracture is a completely or partially broken bone on 1 or both sides of the ankle joint.When ice and naproxen did not work their usual magic, I was sent to physical therapy. When that did not fix anything..Fragraim Ankle/Wrist Weights Pair for Women, Men and Kids – strength training leg/arm Weight Set with Adjustable Strap for Jogging, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Physical Therapy (from 1lb to 10lbs Pair) 4.5 out of 5 stars 48Do resistant ankle inversion. Sit on the floor with legs stretched out in front of you. Attach one end of a therapy band to a stationary object, such as the leg of a heavy table. The table should be beside you, down at your feet. Loop the other end of the band around the ball of your foot. The table leg will be off to the side.